International Leadership Today Magazine

The International Leadership Today is a publication of of the International CEO Today. We provide coaching to Presidents, Directors, Leaders, Executives, Top Managers. We also provide consultancy and interactions with African Countries Leadership, Legislative and Judiciary arms of Government, Other Top Government Functionaries, CEO of industries, Corporate organizations, Executive Directors, Chairmen of companies and Directors to Corporates forming a common business frontier for the development of African economy.

International Leadership Today was created and management by International Leadership Academy for Directors & Managers out of the passion to see Africa emerge the world economic power by 2060 as per African Union Strategy. The continent is endowed with human, capital and mineral resources, and if well harnessed will situate Africa as the hope of the rest of the world.

International Leadership Today Magazine celebrates Africa successes that have been under played and ignored on the world stage of excellence. We have been active players in the world economy and have indeed piloted the operations of big businesses with resounding scale of productivity.  The International Leadership Academy for Directors & Managers serves as a medium where inspiring lives of African Leaders, Executives, business moguls, or merchants will be unveiled for younger generation and aspiring CEOs, leaders and executives. This medium is packaged as an integral component of business success strategy that must not be ignored.

International Leadership Today Magazine is a project where business owners and Directors will be availed the opportunity of meeting and interacting with each other online in a secured, conducive and business-purposed environment. This will on the other hand avail them the opportunities to exploit new frontiers for their businesses, meet people that they cannot meet in person due to their tight schedule and distance, and also help them to enhance their interpersonal relationship.  The enhanced socio-economic status of the businessmen is expected to aid and strengthen International Leadership Today and the economy.