TACALAN – Short Courses

International Seminars on Transforming Africa through Culture Arts Music & Languages for Sustainable Development

The African Academy for Culture Arts Music & Languages known in short as TACALAN believes that no culture can rise above the character of its leaders, and no culture can rise above the leadership capacity of its leaders; and as goes the leader, so goes the institution she/he leads. This emphasizes the need to invest in building the capacity of the leaders with the requisite vision, values, and competencies.

This is a professional seminar that is designed to equip top leaders with the requisite knowledge, attitude, and skills to spearhead transformation in their respective spheres of influence and to create the desired leadership and organizational culture.

The seminar series is designed for leaders in government, business, educational and church organizations.

2) TACALAN Leadership Performers Coaching
This course focuses on training leaders of leaders. TACALAN Leadership Coaching has been recommended as a must for individuals and organisations, By IBEC International Business Review especially those who are focusing on the management of millennial talents in Africa. Managers are finding that implementing cultural leadership and language coaching techniques leads always to:

  •   Increased productivity
  •   Increased retention levels
  •   Increased quality of work
  •   Reduction in customer service issues
  •   Increase in overall profitability.


TACALAN’s goal is to provide and train you to become a World-class African Culture and Leadership Coach that helps individuals and organizations to achieve performance and move from great to greatness in Africa.

Learn to overcome obstacles

The African Academy for Culture & Language Leadership Coaching has a strong focus on helping coaches, leaders and managers overcome culture and language barriers that prevent their team and clients from reaching maximum performance.

Get Unstuck and improve results

As a TACALAN Culture & Language Leadership Coach, you may be an effective change agent. But do you know how to develop your clients’ personal and professional performance? Check out the emerging demand of performance coaching.

Business Tools for Culture and Language Leadership Coaches

Your greatest career move yet. Build a local or global business based on performance coaching. Add a niche to your coaching, attract more clients, & improve your bottom line.

Advanced Culture & Languages Coaching Tools

This program builds an understanding of performance coaching and the use of action-specific tools to measure and increase performance in clients and your team

Make Money & Change People’s Culture & Languages (life)  by doing what you love Then – THE AFRICAN ACADEMY FOR CULTURE & LANGUAGES is  FOR YOU!

If you want to pursue a meaningful career helping others, you’re in the right place. The African Academy for Culture & Languages (TACALAN) offers a comprehensive 3 month intensive training course teaching a variety of performance focused coaching strategies and coaching tools to help others achieve their goals in a fast and effective manner. Each coaching tool and concept is designed to provide you with the utmost confidence in delivery and impact with your client. Through a deeper understanding to what drives people to change and how to help them take immediate action, TACALAN Leadership Coaches deliver an invaluable service to their clients by creating lasting change and increasing performance. To learn more about training with TACALAN, check out TACALAN Coaching Enrollment for next intake dates.