Corporate Governance


The International Leadership Academy (ILA) is an established institution of learning offering a Governance Governance curriculum, at its campus in Nairobi. The courses are taught in an innovative format to ensure that senior management, director and stakeholders get extensive practical exposure and hands-on learning on leadership in organisations.

Our Vision

We strive to become the best centre of excellence in provision of good corporate governance,  ethical and integrity in entrepreneurial decision making by controllers of organisations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote principles of good corporate governance.

Corporate Governance and Leadership

It’s our aim to equip individuals with Corporate Governance practices, the International Academy of Corporate Governance (IACG) organizes corporate governance trainings for Board Directors, Senior Management, Committee Members, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Audit Professionals, Risk Management Professionals, Change Managers, Accounting Professionals, Procurement Professionals, to mention but a few which take place twice a year.

The IACG specializes in training CEOs, Senior Managers and Board members in corporate governance practices for sustainability of their organizations and personal career growth through continuous professional development.  With the growing need for practical skills, this comes in as the best tool to equip Directors and CEOs, Senior Managers with their duties and responsibilities to manage their organizations based on the best principles of Corporate Governance.

IACG has conducted over 500 Tailor-made Courses with over 10,000 Participants from more than 240 Organisations across the African continent and in various topics of governance

The Academy therefore is pleased to recognize and congratulate members who have undertaken Corporate Governance training for their professional growth.

This has added to the growth of a business community that takes responsibility for its stakeholders and the community at large.

The training program will not only continue but will be enhanced and diversified from time to time to cater for the numerous needs of our clients and assist them in building capacity on which to manage their organisations based on the principles and values of corporate governance.

Training of Trainers at IACG:

The Academy held a 5 day Training of Trainers (TOT) programme in Corporate Governance in October 2018 where:

– 50 participants were trained.

– 38 of the participants were Certified by the Corporate Governance Institute.

Another TOT was conducted in 2017 to reinforce the Academy’s training capacity. The programme was facilitated by African Institute of Professional & Management Studies with the funding support of GTZ/Sida/FSDP:- 52 participants were trained. 

More TOT programmes will be conducted by the Academy in due course.

IACG urge more individuals to undertake these trainings to understand the need for effective Corporate Governance Principles and International Standards and how to implement them in their respective organizations.

Download training Schedules/ calendar here