The African Academy for Culture & Languages also known in short as TACALAN is an educational coaching and leadership school that was born out of the need for leaders of integrity in Africa. We purpose to spearhead society’s transformation culture to a sustainable development-oriented society with values and heritage. The idea of starting TACALAN came about in 2006 and it’s directors located at the Kenya Institute of Project Management (KIPM) in Nairobi, Kenya created the Academy/School to promote and promote African cultures, arts, music, dance, and heritage. 

TACALAN offers the much needed African Culture, Arts, Music, Languages and Coaching Programmes at it’s the renowned training school that prepares students for educational and professional development courses in African culture and heritage. We focus on Cultural leadership, creative business crafts, and other life-long coaching and language training services in Africa. We take pride in our exceptional teaching staff and great art-of the art and modern teaching facilities.

TACALAN is an equal opportunity institution admitting students regardless of their status, economic background, religion, race or nationality. Through experiential learning and positive coaching, TACALAN students learn to be service-driven and creative problem solvers hence thriving in the global scene, championing for change towards better communities locally and internationally.