International Leadership Academy of Africa also known in short as ILAA School is a academic based educational and coaching focusing on leadership experience and integrity of Africa. We purpose to spearhead society’s transformation culture and create a sustainability -oriented society with values. The idea of starting ILAA School came about in 2006 and it’s directors in Kenya created the academy based on other international models of School based learning. We promote the African Academy of culture arts music and languages based on the AU Model. 


We must acknowledge the fact that the education system in Kenya is a rigid and hardy system. On the flip side, if properly managed, it would be very competitive at a global level. However; it has had its challenges especially due to limited resources, implementation and management.

The system requires allocation of resources, facilities and equipment for effective implementation and management.

The 8-4-4 curriculum is largely content based, giving learners an opportunity to gather information and recall through rote learning, without giving them the space to assimilate the content and actualize it in a more practical and hands on approach.

The students are evaluated and their destiny is determined by achievement of grades as opposed to considering other areas of talent development.

The system is also designed to make learners cling to the mindset of being job seekers as opposed to being job creators.

The Government has reviewed the education system and has proposed adopting a new curriculum that is a competence based curriculum.

This is an opportunity for ILAA to adopt the new proposed curriculum that equates to the International Global Education systems.

ILAA School is an equal opportunity institution admitting students regardless of their status, economic background, religion, race or nationality. Through experiential learning and positive coaching, ILAA students learn to be service-driven and creative problem solvers hence thriving in the global scene, championing for change towards a better society.