The International Leadership Academy (ILA) Africa, is an established institution of learning offering a three term curriculum, at its campus in Nairobi. The courses are taught in a creative studio-based format to ensure that the students get extensive practical exposure and hands-on learning within the disciplines.

Our Vision

We strive to nurture ideas and promote critical thinking to prepare the next generation of contextually situated, ethical and entrepreneurial designers to define the future of the creative education in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote independent and innovative thinking through our reflective student-centered education that is facilitated through rigorous engagement with collaborative, project-based trans-disciplinary practices.

Our Approach

At ILA, we believe that each child is different and will carve his or her own progressive course on the path to leadership. We believe that everyone can be a leader, provided they are open to the possibility. Integrity, respect, and innovation are keys to effective leadership. These core values are reflected in all areas of the school. Each and every child has the potential to offer something unique and special to the world. We will help children develop their full potential by being creative, adaptable, critical, tolerant, self- confident, resilient, humanist, pragmatic, and responsible.

 School Facilities The International Leadership Academy is located in Nairobi City, Kenya, a small community just west of the Nairobi Westland’s River and five miles south of Kabete, Campus. The 3.6-mile-long lake that gives Nairobi City, Kenya its name provides a charming focal point for the town. ILA is housed on the beautifully landscaped campus off the Nairobi – Nakuru Road. The school occupies