Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Governance

1) Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Governance (ADLG)

Duration: 1 Year Part -Time Programme 

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Governance is a part -time, Block Release programme that shall be completed over one year. The Advanced Diploma option was specifically selected for this Governance and Leadership programme as it allows for more concentration in a specific area of study.

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Governance programme will take students through studies that will focus specifically on governance and leadership and the relationship between the two and their role in organizations and nation development.

It will explore local and international issues as they affect leadership and governance. This will enable students to understand leadership and governance not just from an African context, but internationally. The relationship between governance and leadership will be the area of concentration.

The Diploma will equip the students with the requisite academic content for each course. Students will focus on practical governance and leadership issues worldwide and explore practical solutions through the research assignments which will combine theory and practice.